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Frequently Asked Questions
How is it possible to maintain a cemetery perpetually? 
Where will the funds come from when there is no more property available?

A: Since Memory Lawn Cemetery was established in 1967, a percentage of every purchase has been placed in a trust fund that is regulated by the Texas Department of Banking.  The principal cannot be touched, leaving the interest to be used to maintain, repair, and care for the cemetery, including the roads on cemetery property.

We purchased burial spaces years ago and are now plannning to be cremated.
What should we do?

A: You can choose to have your ashes buried in the spaces that you currently own and still have a bronze memorial monument to commemorate your life.  This is a very popular option.


Can I scatter the ashes of a loved one on a relatives grave?

A: No.  We do not permit ashes to be scattered about the cemetery.


A: Most of the time when we receive a report that a vase is missing, it is actually there but turned upside down.  The vases on bronze memorial recess into the ground.  Some of them have a knob that must be twisted to the left to unlock and others have a handle that pulls straight out.  If there is a visible hole into the ground, then the vase is missing.  Please contact the office or come by so that we can help you select the appropriate vase to purchase as a replacement.

Our vase is missing.  Is there anything that can be done about that?
What is an open and closing of the grave?

A: The opening and closing of a grave begins with a consultation with our counselor, who meets with your family to choose a space, go over paperwork and finalize the burial location. The maintenance staff pinpoints the location and marks the grave for excavation.  The maintenance staff installs or assists the vault provider with the installation of the concrete liner or the vault. Once the casket is lowered into the vault and the lid is placed then the grave is closed.  The flowers left at the gravesite remain until they are no longer attractive, then they are removed.

Why do I have to come to the office to bury a loved one?

A:  There is zero margin for error at a cemetery.  Although you know where the space is and we do too, we need to confer with your family to double check the location of the burial space.  There is also paperwork that needs to be signed by the lot owner giving us permission to use a particular space for burial.


A: The best thing to do is come by the office.  We can look up the name of your loved one and help you
locate them.

How can I find where my loved ones are located in the cemetery?

A: This is difficult to say as there are so many options available.  Please contact our office and our counselor will schedule an appointment with you to show you the options that will honor your loved ones memory.

How much does a memorial marker or monument cost?
Is the entire park only flat bronze, or can we have an upright monument?

A: While most of the park is flat bronze memorials mounted on a granite base, The Garden of Serenity offers an upright monument section.

Can we dig a grave ourselves or plant shrubbery or flowers?

A:  No, digging a grave is a precise activity.  We never want to disturb another grave or make a mistake placing someone in the wrong space.  Planting flowers and shrubbery is also against the rules and regulations. 
All decoration must fit into the vase you purchased with your monument.

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